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Teenage Smoking In Florida Essay

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Teenage Smoking in Florida
Smoking is a common demeanor in many individuals in the country. However, teenagers in Florida have developed the habit of smoking that raises a lot of concern. The teenage smoking frequently commences in schools with the majority of the cases being in the high schools. Also, important to note is the fact the residential nature of the teenagers also inflicts the habit of smoking in them. Teenage smoking has adverse effects on those who engage in this harmful behavior. Smoking results in various health complications in the teenagers. Research evinces that people who smoke consume close to 400 toxic chemicals including; cyanide, ...view middle of the document...

The internet also plays a role in encouraging teenage smoking by having immense images that display and promote smoking. The tobacco industries have cigars with kid-attracting flavors such as fruit, candy and chocolate that significantly encourages teenage smoking in Florida (Wilson, 2014, p. 68).
There are various measures that have been put in place in order to curb the issue of teenage smoking in Florida. The state of Florida has induced stringent legal measures on the tobacco producing companies. There are heavy legal fine for people caught selling cigarettes to teenagers as well as illegal drugs like marijuana. The state has also emphasized on increased awareness of the harmful effects of tobacco through the media, classrooms and in homes. The actions of the Tobacco-Free Florida (TFF) program have immensely reduced teenage smoking in Florida. The program applies community-based efforts, for instance, the Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT), stringent media campaigns and provision of help to the smokers who want to quit. The state can advocate the use of E-cigs instead of the direct smoking (Madeleine, 2014, p. 8). The citizens and the people in leadership are involved in the application of these solutions. Citizens should fully espouse the solutions to the problem of teenage smoking. Leaders are also expected to ensure that the measures to curb the menace of teenage smoking. However, some leaders use their positions to promote teenage smoking because of personal interests.
There are various alternative solutions that can be implemented to stop teenage smoking in Florida. The government can raise the prices of cigarettes through increase in the tax that is levied on the cigarettes. The move aims to make cigarettes expensive as it highlights the immense expenses that teenagers incur annually while engaging in teenage smoking. Increase in cigarette taxes faces the obstacle of state economic review committees voting against the move. Moreover, due to personal interests of leaders in the tobacco industry, implementing an increase in tax faces opposition from these leaders (Phillips, 2014, p. 1).
Since the measure is state run, implementation of the measure will be the responsibility of the state government. The state government has proper mechanisms to implement the increase in cigarette tax. Implementation of cigarette tax increment comes at a cost. Due to the increased tax remission, there has to be extra costs incurred in monitoring whether the tobacco have implemented the change in tax on their product prices. The state faces the risk of loss of revenue due to companies that may stop production due to an increase in the taxes. The measure is effective as most teenagers will find the cumulative costs of acquiring cigarettes to be expensive in the long run. This has significantly reduced the number of teenagers in Florida who engage in smoking.
Another alternative solution of curbing teenage smoking in Florida is through media...

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