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Technology Trends And Proposals Essay

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Technology Trends Proposal Part III
Jamison K Conopa
November 23.2015
Marc Magill

Technology Trends Proposal Part III
Adding telemedicine as an option to our organization is going to be a radical change. Implementing this new form of care is a major change for the entire company. How management handles this change can help make the transition somewhat smoother. Management will need to possess several necessary aspects. Some of these necessities are leadership, vision, trust, and implementation.
To be able to change, an organization must be led. A committee of people are often the leaders of a new system. Choosing the appropriate person to lead the committee is just as important as the committee itself. The leadership committee will need to be able to define the nature of the change to everyone ...view middle of the document...

Being able to trust that management’s compassion, integrity, and leadership skills are in their best interest is important. If member of the organization feel this is true, they will be willing to rise to this new challenge that we are going to be undertaking. This means that leasers need to act in the best interest of our staff, patients, and company (Glaser, Lee & Wager, 2013).

This change in our organization must be planned. If management is able to describe the tasks and the sequences needed to effectively make this change, our staff will be better prepared when we begin to implementing telemedicine. We know that problems will occur when we first begin our new forum. Management will be there to adjust, learn about glitches, and support the staff to improve the new work flow (Glaser, Lee & Wager, 2013).

We know that this project is a huge step for us. We feel that management is our biggest champion that will help make telemedicine a big success for our organization and the patients we will be serving. Telemedicine is reshaping the future. By the year 2018, the number of people using telemedicine services will grow to 7 million and could possibly reach $4.5 billion in revenue worldwide (Rapp, 2014). The infusion of telemedicine into our organization is eminent. With proper management and leadership, we can provide our patients with accessible and convenient health care.

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