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Technology's Influence On Society Essay

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Though society has based most of its goals upon advances in technology, this may not be such a desired goal. Society in general has become less tolerant, much less motivated, and increasingly lazy. Many would like to think that the internet is the gold nugget of products to make them better educated and up to date on current events.
People are beginning to expect things to be done quickly and efficiently, and people are becoming too focused on their goals. This is a problem in many areas of today's society. Motivation is also effected by way of goal oriented employers. They are more concerned with how the technology can provide better work, rather than the side-effects of boredom and ...view middle of the document...

Here is an example of technology can fail us. If a student were to fail to do their work because they played games on the computer all day, rather than doing their lesson, this would be one way of showing how technology would effect motivation. An outside factor in this case is that a computer is causing a difference in motivation.
The advancement of technology has always helped us live better lives. Every year, someone comes up with a new machine that will help some factory or cure an illness. Over the years, it has slowly been creating a decrease in social interaction; and the faster technology improves, the greater the gap between people's social lives.
Technology is seen different in many ways throughout history. In the beginning, it was seen as a great innovation that would advance life to a better world. At that time people did not see any bad consequences. Today, technology can be seen as the devil in people's social lives. Not only is it creating a gap, but it is also creating psychological problems such as loneliness, stress and lack of self-confidence. The social consequences of the technological...

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