Technology In Education Essay

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Technology in Education
In our lives today we expect technology to make a difference, and particularly in furthering our education. We see technologies effects as beneficial. We look for it to change, and improve, what has come before it. Technology is the set of means without which certain kinds of constructive activity would be almost impossible. It supports our efforts to appeal to different learning styles, which give us a way to interact with each other and extend the learning experiences. It is a good way to extend the essential skills and knowledge of students. By integrating technology into our educational programs it provides students with additional tools to ...view middle of the document...

Technology is progressing while changing the teaching approach to get students to learn how to learn. Students have to learn how to use a program before they can even be ready to be taught. The history of the relationship between education and technologies is repetitive. Education will change with the technologies and progress. The future relationship will most likely be one in which technology creates a new form of education, while education makes the development of a new technology. As new technology continues to be created the education system will adapt. While we may not be able to predict exactly how the education system will change in the future, it is safe to say that technology will be the driving force behind those changes.

History of Technology (Tools and Devices)
In the 1600’s the idea of public schools were first being established. Teachers would stand in front of a room and just talk. In the 1700’s the introduction of the blackboard in schools was introduced. This was the first introduction of technology in education and revolutionized teaching. The introduction of the chalkboard helped visually present information to a roomful of students all at once. In the 1800’s books were first being used in schools as a learning aid for students. ( The next technological advancement in education was called the “Audio/Visual age” ( The 1910’s though the 1980’s, technological break (Dakers)through were happening at a rapid pace. First, in the 1920’s, schools introduced the radio in classrooms. Ten years later, schools started setting up filmstrip projectors. The biggest teaching tool of this age, in the mid 1940’s school introduced overhead projectors (
The typewriter was one of the first tools in writing a paper without actually doing it by hand. Henry Hill modeled after the printing press invented the typewriter in 1714. The first couple designs of typewriters were not as efficient they were cumbersome, hard to use, and often took longer to produce a letter than simply writing it by hand. In the 1950’s and 1960’s the style of typewriters changed they had color and came in steel cases. This the new design and affordable prices helped typewriters become more common way to write papers. They even started to offer typewriting classes in school. When work was typed it seemed to be more professional and easy to read making it become more popular source to use when making a document. High school and college students, and teachers would use them to further education by using typewriters to make sure there papers or dittos more clear and legible. For example some students lower case L's look like lower case I's, and in cursive somebody might forget about another curve and make M's look like N's, and so on. The typewriter was one of the first technologies used in education and definitely led to more like the keyboard used for computers.

The history of computers...

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