Technology: Good Vs Evil Essay

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Audrey Runner
Media: Good or Evil?
I can remember what it was like to watch television as a child, in the morning while eating cereal, and how it felt playing on my Nintendo 64 and believing that piece of technology to be “cutting edge”. I also remember from an early education stand point that as a class in kindergarten we were introduced to computers, and told we would need to know how to use these when we were older. In reality, I have been born and raised in an era where technology is viewed more as a machine and not as the thriving life source of our community as it is now. Today we have digital technology everywhere; in our pockets, in our homes, in our cars, for some - even in their ...view middle of the document...

He argues that the Internet in itself is an “Inherent distraction” and he also goes on to state that “To put technology to use without understanding all the implications of technology is not only naïve but also negligent” (Csiernik 11). I agree with Csiernik on some of his points such as technology can be distracting, or that it can take away from our day-to-day interaction, but I believe that he puts the internet on too short of a scope. By saying we should understand all of the implications of the internet is saying that it and all of its implications can be understood. When in reality the Internet changes every day; more things are uploaded, more articles are published, and more and more people visit it every day. More apps are created and become a large part of each user’s life. Csiernik also goes on to say that “The internet takes away our day to day face time, and our society is becoming less versed in the ability to socially interact with people on a day to day basis”(Csiernik 24). Again Csiernik does raise a good point. The internet does keep people staring at screens and it keeps them “linked-in”, but according to Manuel Castells, the Wallis Annenberg Chair Professor of Communication Technology and Society at the University of Southern California, the internet is only changing our society, not keeping us from interaction. In his article he states that “Digital technology is a different kind of sociability. For instance, most Facebook users visit the site daily, and they connect on multiple dimensions, but only on the dimensions they choose. The virtual life is becoming more social than the physical life, but it is less a virtual reality than a real virtuality, facilitating real life work and urban living. (Castells 3)” What Castells is saying is that technology is only changing the way we socialize, and it’s not taking the socialization out of our society, but enhancing it.
In today’s world or society is driven by an image that we put in the world through social media. We wake up in the morning and the first thing we do is reach over to our phone to turn off the alarm. Then we proceed, before we even get out of bed, to go on Twitter to see what funny things our friends have to say, maybe make a tweet about how much it sucks to get out of bed to go to school, and then like a couple of posts. After Twitter, it is on to Instagram see what posts got put up overnight, double tap a couple for a like, and then maybe follow someone new if they are lucky. After all of that it is on to the finale; time for a good morning selfie to post on my Snapchat story, but first I better go shower and make sure I look good. This tends to be the typical morning of a teenager in today’s society, give or take a few social media apps. Is this good or is it bad? Well the answer to that question will depend on who you ask. To some it is an atrocity, and they believe that to do all that the person has to have an addiction. People who use the internet and social...

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