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Technology Essay

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Unit 5 assignment 1: video summary 3

Video 1.05 is about CPUs, how a CPU is organized, CPU speed, advances in processing speed, Cache, Sockets, ZIF and Heat. Video 1.05 shows the roles of the Controller, ALU, cache, frontside bus and backside bus. Also shows us the difference between multiprocessing, multiprocessors and dual core processors.

* CPU Speed
* Advances in processing speed
* Cache
* Sockets
* Heat

Terms used in video 1.05 with their definitions
* Major manufactures: Intel and AMD

* System bus: A system bus is a single computer bus for the data transfer between the central processing unit and the memory.

* Frontside bus: (FSB) the bus via which a processor communicates with its RAM and chipset; one half of the Dual Independent Bus (the other half being the backside bus).

* Controller: Control unit definition, the part of a CPU that interprets the instructions in ... ...view middle of the document...

* Backside bus: backside bus, is a computer bus used to connect the CPU to CPU cache memory, usually L2.

* Processor: usually measured in GHz. A part of a computer, such as the central processing unit, that performs calculations or other manipulations of data. A program that translates another program into a form acceptable by the computer being used.

* System bus: A system bus is a single computer bus that connects the major components of a computer system.

* Multiplier: CPU multiplier. Also called the "clock ratio," it is the speed ratio between the computer's frontside bus (FSB) and the CPU

* Multiprocessing: Multi-processing refers to the ability of a system to support more than one processor at the same time.

* Multi-processor: A multi-core processor is an integrated circuit (IC) to which two or more processors have been attached for enhanced performance, reduced power consumption, and more efficient simultaneous processing of multiple tasks.

* Dual core processor: Dual-core refers to a CPU that includes two complete execution cores per physical processor. It has combined two processors and their caches and cache controllers onto a single integrated circuit (silicon chip)

* SRAM: static RAM, faster but more expensive and holds memory without being refreshed.

* DRAM: dynamic RAM, memory must be refreshed.

* L1 cache: On the processor chip.

* L2 cache: Inside the processor housing not on the processor chip.

* L3 cache: Inside the processor housing, further away from the processor chip.

* Sockets LGA 775: used by intel-Pentium 4 and Celeron

* Socket 754: AMD-Athlon, Sempron, Opteron.

* ZIF: (Zero Insertion Force socket) A type of socket designed for easy insertion of pin grid array (PGA) chips. The chip is easily dropped into the socket's holes, and a lever is pulled down to lock it in.

* Optimal temperature: 90-110 F, 32-42 C

* Check system temperature in CMOS.

* Thermal compound: cream-like substance forms thermal seal between CPU and heat sink.

* Heat sink: finger like projections (fins).

* CPU fan: draws heat away from CPU.

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