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Technology As Political Objects Discussion Essay

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New Media Literacy

Technology as Political Objects Question:

How are our technologies and devices political objects? What does it mean to think of our technologies and devices as political?

Personal Opinion:

When newer generation devices release in North America, older devices of that brand tend to be in use for many years. This is how our devices become political objects. Even though they become obsolete they aren't thrown away. While it's true they're dumped into other countries in the form of slow violence, most are recycled into techno trash that are later re-used for assembling and manufacturing parts. Printers for example have newer models every year. But old or newer models doesn't really matter. Why? The cartridges that all printers rely on have remained ...view middle of the document...

When we think our technologies and devices to be political, we look at how much of that device we're supporting. As mentioned in the lecture and article about Apple iPhones, it's obvious that loyal customers have been upgrading yearly to the most up-to-date iPhone. This can be said about any device loyal customers look forward to in buying. For example, I'm a gamer and I've bought all the Sony game consoles. But what makes it so political? The fact that the sole purpose of gaming is entertainment and for that device to offer that entertainment service in a way consumers could enjoy and feel satisfied. The political part in gaming is that the support, time and investment we put towards entertainment are all stored in data servers provided by the company, studios and publishers. That data is probably used to analyze user behavior, interest, and purchases. More importantly the video game console we're supporting may depreciate in value but like all electronic devices, previous generation of consoles can still be played while they focus on releasing newer consoles in the future.

Information stored within our devices have all been digitally attained through the internet and that is why it's directly linked to digital culture. Entertainment such as movies and games are encouraged to be rented or bought digitally than going to the store. Software updates for computers and phones can't be done unless connected to the internet. All the technology and devices are connected to the world wide web and companies politically refuses to let go of electronic waste knowing that there's room for profit regardless of how old or how new devices are.

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