Technology And Social Change Essay

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Technology and Social Change

SOC 100

One of our best well-known scientists, Albert Einstein, quoted “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology have exceeded our humanity” that was credited in a 1995 movie called “Powder”. It is no secret that the advancement of technology is drastically increasing in a rate where it is almost impossible to keep up with. Many individuals believe that it is slowly taking our attention away to what is really valuable in our lives, while others strongly considering that it will bring us together and provide cost-effective solutions to our everyday life and industry field. Social change refers to a modification or adjustment in the social ...view middle of the document...

Additionally, individuals can choose to work from home with the access of the Internet is an advantage to many due to their other schedules. Cellular phones provide fast communication such personal calls and emergency calls. Along with the amenities and different functions that come with personal computer and cellular phones, nothing is impossible to achieve in a limited time.
Equilibrium model is defined “ as changes occur in one part of the society, adjustments must be made in other parts” (Schaeffer 2015, p.399). Functionalist theory such as Parsons emphasizes more on the need to have stability and balance in order to not threaten the society’s equilibrium as it merges the evolutionary idea of continuing progress. This shows that any dysfunctional institution that does not help the overall society will be concluded. Evolutionary theory views it more where society is moving in a specific direction to a higher level. Societies are experiencing sequence stages of evolution into more advanced compare to the earlier societies. On the other hand, in a conflict perspective, much like Ralf Dahrendorf stated that “the contrast between the functionalist perspective’s emphasis on stability and the conflict perspective’s focus on change reflects the contradictory nature of society” (Schaeffer 2015, p. 400). Despite the immovability and direction to evolve to the next level, it is unavoidable and expected to run into serious setback. Conflict theory deems that social change can resolve social inequalities so that societies can function more equitably. The digital divide is considered a social issue that focuses on people who are experiencing a gap between technology revolutions. In the magazine article by Bonnie Osif, states that “digital divide is shrinking and it is largely based on income and education”. Other part of the world who doesn’t have access to internet and technology contributes to the digital divide. The less fortunate have to struggle in order to keep up with the constant innovation to succeed in the society. Digital revolution may deliver benefits but it also causes social change where not all of it is considered favorable. In addition, cultural lag was introduced by William F. Ogburn and considered it a period of instability when a nonmaterial culture is still struggling to adapt to new material (Schaeffer 2015, p. 401). A perfect example is the growing usage of the Internet and the ways to operate it that is manageable. Ogburn emphasizes that some elements of a culture are likely to have an advantage in initiating culture changes.
Technology has influenced social epidemiology, health and the environment at some point in time. Social epidemiology is scientific study that focuses on how distribution of disease began across the population. For instance, to prevent exportation of Ebola virus disease to other countries, primary screening was implemented. This...

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