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Technology And Culture Affects Essay

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Technology and Culture affects
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John Prathammavong

Thailand, Philippines, China, and Indonesia are different nations that have grown with technology and culture due to western society. Technology makes our lives as people more efficient and for these countries a change from traditional ways of lives. The workforce of these countries and culture change with adaptation to what technology they are exposed to in life. Venture capitalists and consumers have their ways to expand business with technology in these countries and affect lives in good and bad ways. There are always ups and downs to everything and technology has its glitches too. ...view middle of the document...

“As Thailand entered the new Millenium, dissatisfaction with the somewhat limited success of earlier efforts to take advantages of Thailand’s advantages in the IT and Software field grew. In 2002, Thailand established the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and gave the new Ministry the Mission to develop and support more comprehensive electronic processes for government, commerce, industry, business and education.” (Thailand’s Road to Better ICT and Software Industry. Christopher W. Runckel (2005) They have learned to market itself and become successful. Facebook has been a great and profitable way businesses are done. Advertisements of new products are posted up daily or just regular advertisements of existing products. The great benefit for this that it is a universal language that everyone can see and understand. There is no language barrier or misinterpretation for any reason. It is not as if we were calling customer service and reaching someone not from the states and having a difficult time understanding with the idea of having to have repeat conversations. Thailand markets products such as Hush Puppies, Lee, Collective Brands, and Miss Sixty on Facebook. Daily updates and ads are posted everyday Likes and comments are plus to help push its products. This technology allows them to reach consumers all over the world thru Facebook. There are still limitations with technology for business in Thailand. Every business always starts with some type of communication and training of new product introduction. Businesses have to develop strong relationships before it can be successful. Technology just makes things better, efficient, and profitable. The introduction of Collective Brands in Thailand and other countries 2012 involved meetings in person with different management on both sides of the world. "We see strong alignment with our retail principles and Payless' model and are thrilled to partner with Payless to bring its store chain to shoppers in Korea," said Joo Hyung Park, Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Operation of Emart. "Payless is known across the globe as an American brand that delivers great shoes and accessories for the entire family at a great price. We see strong synergy with Payless' products when aligned with Emart's number one competitiveness in the Korea retail market." (Payless Shoesource Continues Global Expansion and Announces Franchise Deals for stores in New Markets: Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam. Mardi Larson. (February 6, 2012).
) Technology has laid the brick road to improve business in both sides of the worlds. Conferences calls and via email also make parts of the jobs done when not being able to do meetings in person. Every business is different but can never be as effective as...

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