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Technolgy To Advance Sales For Nutz An Boltz Hardware Corporation

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Technology to advance sales for Nutz n Boltz Hardware Corporation
Mohsin Ahsan
Managerial Applications of Information Technology 535
Keller Graduate School of Management
August 1, 2013
Professor Jorge Echavarria

Technology to advance sales for Nutz n Boltz Hardware Corporation

1.0 Abstract
This paper will address the role of information systems in a new startup hardware store, Nutz n Boltz Corporation. The company intends to utilize its ability to use information technology and ability to implement corporate strategies and achieve its corporate goals as well.
The company has decided to invest heavily in information systems to achieve several strategic objectives: ...view middle of the document...

3.0 Discussion of Business Problem
Nutz n Boltz Hardware Corporation is a startup hardware store that has a lot of competition because of the several already established hardware stores in the area. The company is currently not utilizing any technology other than regular Point of Sale (POS) purchaser at a register. The problem that Nutz n Boltz Hardware Corporation has is how to improve its operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and spread awareness of the company’s presence in the community, as well as a method to improve the store’s inventory procedures.
Currently Nutz n Boltz Corporation has no signs of technology other than a cash register. This is also part of the reason the store has yet to have its grand opening. In order to compete with the Home Depots and Orchard Hardware stores of today, one must be highly technologically advanced just as much as their competitors, if not more. Ease of Point of Sale (POS) for both customers and employees. This will improve customer service and employee morale.
Stores such as Home Depot have not only established themselves as top of mind when it comes to home improvement and hardware, but they continue to pursue other avenues on staying at the top. For example, in June 2010, Home Depot implemented the RedLaser. This device would scan a UPC code and RedLaser would recognize the product, this enabled shoppers to find lower priced products and deals. In July 2011, shoppers could use their phone number to pay by using a PIN.
Nutz n Boltz Corporation also needs a new accounting system as well as structure to keep its inventory levels at an appropriate level. This will enable to company to cut costs and prevent wastage.
The company also needs to develop methods of storing and maintaining information, as well as its image. This includes software and intellectual property.
Nuts n Boltz Corporation will also need to get its name out in the community. This is especially difficult as its competitors are already well established in the market and have a loyal customer base.
The store is a blank slate at the moment, and this gives us the ideal platform to start from, as the owners have requested no expense is too high, to a certain limit. The goal for the store is to become high-tech hardware store, build on it and then expand itself to more locations.

The new company will also outsource certain organizational functions. This will ensure security, reducing costs, and will also allow the company to carry on its day to day functions knowing that other functions are being handled by paid professionals.

4.0 High level solution
Nutz n Boltz Corporation has several technological issues, but also has several options to choose from. The first thing the company will need to is adopt a single Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform set in a cloud computing environment will reduce costs effectively, improve financial reporting processes, as well as improve strategic...

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