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Technical Benefits Essay

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1. What are some of the environmental and resource efficiency issues Sienna might encounter?
* Waste Management
* Energy use and efficiency
* Resource use and efficiency

2. What resources would you expect Sienna to use in her human resources role? What additional resources might be used by the cleaning and laundry staff she has responsibility for?
* Recycling and re-use / Energy efficiency
* Water Resource Management

3. How might use of these resources be measured? Suggest measurement methods for at least three different resources.
* Recycling and Re-use
* Reuse paper around the home as scrap paper or packing material. Envelopes can also be reused.
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* For a greywater treatment system, the sources of greywater include:
* washing machines
* laundry tubs
* showers
* basins
* baths
* Grey water treatment system
* Undertake a water balance to determine water demand requirements
* Engage a licensed plumber to install
* Install sub-soil, sub-surface or surface irrigation system to distribute greywater (the level of treatment will reflect possible irrigation systems)
* Undertake regular maintenance of the greywater system in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and relevant guidelines
* Ensure that annual testing of backflow protection device is undertaken

8. The hospital has an Equal Employment Opportunity policy that is designed to promote workplace diversity and inclusion. Describe how Sienna could encourage all members of her team to be involved in developing and implementing the organisational plans.
* Sienna may organize a one day seminar, as to how to promote efficient practices and let everyone be involved as to the promotion and implementation of the plan.

9. It is important that Sienna’s proposal is consistent with the hospital’s occupational health and safe policy and procedures. Outline a workers responsibility to maintain a healthy and safe working environment
* Provide and maintain safe working environment and safe systems of work
* Provide information, instruction, training and supervision as are necessary to ensure that each employee is safe from injury and risk to health
* Keep records of work-related injuries of employees
* Ensure employees receive proper information, instruction and training...

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