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Technical Essay

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In electric jacquards electricity is used to move the needles. In this for a 400 needle jacq, 400 EM, 400armature, 400 metal feelers, 800covered wires and a battery are used. The mechanism is very complicated as the moving parts and wirings are more so we switch over to electronic jacquard. Modern electronic jacquard operates on high speed with millions of selections.


1. Cards and needles are not required. Hooks are selected by EM.
2. EM directly selects the hooks at top.
3. There is a flexibility of design change.
4. It works on the principle of open shed jacquard.
5. Its capacity is much ...view middle of the document...

So don’t lift the warp end.
(2) In fig.2, left knife raise the hook & left knife down with hook. But it doesn’t attract by the latch because there is no electric pulse given to electro-magnet. So don’t lift warp end.
(3)In fig.3, An Electronic pulse gives to electro-magnet. Thus left knife is caught by latch & it remains at top position yet knife goes downward movement & thread stay at lower shed line.
(4)In fig.4, right hook raise with pulley assembly & a cord(made by other material like cotton threads) lifts the corresponding warp end. thus these warp ends forms top shed line.
(1)BONUS offers a bi-dirctional networking system which will transfers designs directly from CAD System to BONUS CONTROLLER in the weaving shed.
(2)It’s flexible for design scheduling,production monitoring & loom interfacing.
(3)Modifications to designs can be made in the weaving shed itself on the BONUS PC-based Design Editing System using very lattest Windows technology.
(4)Consumes less power because whichever warp wanted to lift, gives an electronic pulse.

Shedding element-
When current is flown in EM it activates, attracting the hook towards the latch. Now latch is engaged with the hole of the half hook. When knives descend, the hooks rest on the latch. This lifts the warp, creating the shed.
EM is energized with a voltage of 22V-24V. There is a distance of 1.5mm between the magnet and the half hook.


Object: Staubli electronic jacquard is a retaining type electromagnet jacquard. It forms the shed on the principle of double lift open shed jacquard.

Construction: The half hooks are connected by means of a pulley which can rotate on its axis. There is another pulley which is fixed and has the heald at its one...

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