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Team Work Essay

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A unit of two or more people who interact and coordinates their work to accomplish a specific goal.

A small group of people with complementary skills, who work together to achieve a shared purpose and hold themselves mutually accountable for its accomplishment.

A team is a group of workers that functions as a unit, often with little or no supervision, to carry out organizational functions.


The process of people actively working together to accomplish common goals

Group Versus Team


Designated strong leader

Individual accountability

Same purpose as ...view middle of the document...

Teams are created to knock down “walls” separating departments.

It contain two type

1.21Task force

A group of employees from different department formed to deal with a specific activity and exist only until the tasks is completed

It is also called cross functional team.

formed to deal with a specific activity and once completed it is disbanded (disperse)

1.22 Committee:

A long lasting some times permanent team in the organization structure created to deal with tasks that recur regularly.


Grievance committee handle employees grievance

Advantages of committee and task force

Allow organization member to exchange information

Generate suggestion

Develop new ideas and solution for problems

Assist in development of new practice and policies.


A team created outside the formal organization to undertake a project of special importance or creativity.

McDonald create special team to create chicken nuggets.


Team is still part of formal organization and has its own reporting structure but member perceive themselves as a separate entity.


A team consisting of 5 to 20 multiskilled workers who rotate jobs to produce an entire product or service, often surprised by an elected worker.

Five to twenty multiskilled workers who rotate jobs to produce an entire product or service, often supervised by an elected member

Several skills and functions

Access to resources to perform task

Empowered to select new members, solve problems, spend money, monitor results, and plan for the future



Optimal team size depends on the number of people required to complete the work and the amount of coordination needed to work together.

Larger teams are typically less effective because members consume more time and effort coordinating their roles and resolving differences.


Ideal size is 7

5 to 12 associated with good team performance.

If increase in size may get interaction problems.

Show more agreement

Ask more questions

Exchange more opinions

Member get along with each other

Report greater satisfaction

Tend to be informal

Few demands on team leaders.

Large teams

12 or more

More disagreements

Subgroups often form resulting in conflicts

Greater demands on leaders

More centralized decision making

Turnover and absenteeism higher

Less member satisfaction.


A role is the set of behaviors that people are expected to perform because they hold certain positions in a team and organization

Helps focus the team on its objectives.

Tries to maintain good working relations among team members.

Formally assigned to specific people.


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