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Team Versus Groups Essay

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Teams and Groups
An extraordinary team is valuable to any organization. The purpose of assembling a team is to accomplish bigger goals than any that would be possible for the individual working alone. The goal of a team is to execute and attain victory in the workplace and marketplace. This paper will elaborate on both the characteristics of effective teams and on effective groups.
A team is a group of individuals which must come together to collaborate on a particular issue (Growing an Effective Team ,1997). The group effort is to attain a mutual task for which the group will be mutually responsible (Growing an Effective Team ,1997). “A team is considered to be a group of ...view middle of the document...

2. A team’s production is excellent (Growing an Effective Team ,1997). A team can generally exceed the performance of a group of individuals (Growing an Effective Team,1997).
Organized groups are characteristically those groups which surpass at attending to tasks, values, and initiating confidence in one another (Likert, 1961). Groups which are successful understand the benefits of group work which includes developing innovative ideas, distributing tribulations, creating solutions, and coordinating efforts (Likert, 1961). Some characteristics of effective work groups includes: the group must classify a clear and concise mission and vision statement; the group’s climate must be comfortable, calm, and stress-free. There should be no obvious signs of tension or boredom within the group (Likert, 1961). Everyone should be encouraged to participate in discussions. Each member of the group should use helpful listening strategies such as questioning and summarizing so that each group member’s idea is considered (Likert, 1961). The members of the group must realize that conflicts between group members and is a normal routine. Group members should not try to detour from conflict (Likert, 1961). Members of the group should be free to discuss their personal ideas in reference to the groups

task and assignments (Likert, 1961). The group...

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