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Team Performance Essay

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We are team ‘B9’, a name that we decide to combine to our new team name, Aurora. B-class stars, as quoted from Wikipedia, and as an analogy to our new team:
“Class B stars are very luminous and blue. […] As B stars are so powerful, they only live for a relatively short time. Thus, due to the low probability of kinematic interaction during their lifetime, they do not, and are unable to, stray far from the area in which they were formed.”
While this highlights our cohesion, our team ‘literal” name, Aurora, defines our dynamism and diversity:
“An aurora is a natural light display in the sky predominantly seen in the high latitude regions. Auroras are caused by charged ...view middle of the document...

The team leader's election will be based on the nature of the task at hand, and the leader will be in charge of ensuring the following:

a. Monitoring progress: We learned from our past experiences that hitting the deadline on time can create stress and anxiety, therefore the team leader will be in charge of ensuring proper deliveries from all parties accomplished in a timely fashion, thus allowing us more freedom in regards to last minute ideas or other projects.

b. Monitor team meetings: Here again, the leader will ensure proper communication and cohesion between team members, ensuring that each of us will be heard and that every single opinion will be valued. Besides, the team leader will make sure that no one will be missing the team meetings

c. Establish a project-based framework: Depending on the task/project, different members may have different skills that may be more or less useful to the accomplishment of the project. The team leader will make sure to establish a proper work framework, attributing the right tasks to the right person, while keeping in mind that some team members’ weaknesses could be improved through the collaboration with other team members with better skills.

* How will we manage our meetings & teamwork? How often will we meet? For how long? What will the general objectives be? What will we do prior, during and after each of these meetings?

This will mainly depend on the task and assignments. We have planned to have at least one team meeting before we start the topic, so that everyone is on same page and subsequent meetings in between to manage the progress and a final meeting at the end before the deliverable.

a. The leaders for the individual assignments will be free to allocate a schedule accordingly to allocate the work. However, we have planned to have at least once a week in general.

b. The team meetings will not be long enough to exhaust the members, to resolve this issue we have decided to do our homework before every meeting and prepare individually in advance.

c. Meetings will be scheduled as per the availability of the individual team member. However, the agenda as well as the availability for the meeting in hand will be decided on the meeting before that in order to avoid any confusion among team members.

d. The team leader will be in charge of kick starting the meeting for his/her individual subject. For this he will be required to have done his/her homework correctly before we meet. The leader will allocate the task based on the team discussion and the interest of the individual team member, and going forward monitor the progress.

e. Review meetings to monitor the progress will be held tentatively based on the requirement and progress of the individual assignment.

f. As a team we will always maintain the individual respect for each other and will always thrive to have our coactions aligned with...

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