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Teaching Profession Essay

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Teaching as Your Vocation, Mission and Profession
Etymology of the word “vocation”
Vocation comes from the Latin word “vocare” which means to call. Based on the etymology of the word, vocation, therefore means a “call. If there is a CALL, there must be a CALLER, and someone who is CALLED. There must be always a response.
For Christians, God himself is the caller. We have different stories based from the bible or what we called the scriptures. We heard different stories of men and women who were called by God to do something for the others not for themselves.

* Abraham was called by God to be the “Father of great ...view middle of the document...

Just as God, called Abraham, Moses and Mary, these people did not also understand the events surrounding in their call. But in their great faith, they answered YES.
Just like us, the fact that we are in the College of Education as future elementary teachers, it signifies that we positively responded to the call to teach, even if we do not understand.
Some of us don’t like teaching, but we are here, we are destined to become a teacher and that is our purpose. Have you ever ask yourself, why Jesus chose to become a teacher? The bible tells that he is our great teacher. Why not engineer? Why not doctor? Why not Business man? Why not other profession?

Etymology of the word “mission”
Teaching is also a mission. The word mission comes from the Latin word “misio” which means “to send”. We are called to be a teacher and we are sent into the world to accomplish mission, therefore we are sent to accomplish assigned task.

Teaching as our mission
Teaching is our mission it means that there is a task entrusted to us in this world. If it is a task we must be prepared ourselves. From now we cannot take our studies for granted! Our four years of pre-service preparation will equip us with the knowledge, attitudes and skills to become an effective teacher.
Our mission is to teach and influence every child entrusted in our care to become happier and better life becomes more beautiful, wonderful and meaningful. To teach is to help the child become a human.

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