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Teacher Who Changed My Life Essay

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A teacher alone has the ability to change a student’s life. Agree or disagree.

The school is not a video game which gives immediate gratification, and we can not

claim that students fall in love in each subject taught. After all, what a teacher teaches daily

are simple tools like speaking a language, solve a math problem or write an essay that are

unlikely by themselves to radically change the lives of students. We all, in our school career,

remembered a hurtful words of teachers, with comments on our grades records for example or

on the opposite hand a teacher who once believed in us, who knew how to restore our

confidence. So a teacher has the ability ...view middle of the document...

His teacher took the time to explain him is

experience and give him the passion to be an entrepreneur. These are positive influences that

teacher provides to students and every students would like to encounter a teacher who can

change his life in a positive way.

As we have said a teacher has the ability to change a student life, but sometimes these

changes are negative and very poor for the student. Blindly follow the advice of a teacher is

also avoid stressful questioning about its future. I remember my friend didn’t have any plan

for his future in high school and wasn’t very focused on it. We had a biology that was very

nice with him and helped him a lot. She always encouraged him in this way without really

wondering whether I like it or not. At the end of the 12th grade year he surprisingly chose to

major in biology in college. He told me, “I did not want to hurt her!” He is in France and we

kept in touch, he told me he had not heard from this biology teacher anymore. He finally


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