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Teacher First Year Success Essay

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The first year as a teacher is difficult and there will be many obstacles along the way, both for the teacher and the students. That being said, there are a few important tips that every first year teacher should focus on to increase their chances of success. Every first year teacher should seriously focus on classroom management, time management, a strong support system, organization, and attitude. By focusing on these important characteristics, the success of a first year teacher is greatly improved.
First year teachers need to realize that classroom management is incredibly important. As a teacher, having control of your classroom is essential to ensuring that your students receive ...view middle of the document...

Sometimes, this can be stress relieving just to speak with another person who's not only experienced their first year as a teacher, but also lived through and still held their job. First year teachers should also plan on avoiding burnout fatigue by having a strong support system within their school, community, and home.
Whether it's a teacher's first or tenth year, organization is key to their success. First year teachers especially need to determine how they are going to become and stay organized because it is critical for their achievement. Organization will also lead first year teachers to be successful in classroom management, time management, and to keep stress levels at a minimum. By keeping an organized classroom and daily schedule, teachers can portray the most information to their students in the best way possible.
People become teachers to not only educate their students, but also to inspire them, pass on great wisdom, infect them with a hunger for education, instill knowledge in them, and mold them into successful adults. While this...

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