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Teacher Evaluation Essay

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QUESTIONS: 1. What is teacher evaluation?
2. Give advantages of teacher evaluation
3. Give disadvantages of teacher evaluation

1. What is teacher evaluation
It is a process of vetting teachers to maintain teaching standards. It also refers to the formal process a school used to review and rate teachers’ performance and effectiveness in the classroom. It can also be defined as collecting and using information to judge. The two main types of evaluation are formative and summative. The former is ...view middle of the document...

Use of the value added model which attempts to filter out sources of bias in test score growth. This is aimed at arriving at an estimate of how much each teacher contributed tro student learning
In conclusion a proper criterion for teacher evaluation must include both tangible and intangible teaching aspects. Tangible aspects include well written lesson plans and test scores, while on the other hand; intangible aspects include student rapport and social responsibility among others. All the methods must be valid for them to be considered proper. In addition, they must be reliable effective and efficient.

2. Advantages of teacher evaluation
i. It helps teachers master content, refine their teaching skills, critically analyze their own performance and their students’ performance, and implement the changes needed to improve teaching and learning. This is because all teachers desire to be ranked among the best in their profession
ii. It provides a way to measure educators' performances and effectiveness. The efficient and proper teachers are encouraged to keep up
iii. It forms a framework for promotion or upward mobility in the workplace. Those teachers who sow perfect mastery in both the art of teaching and content mastery are promoted. The rest of the teachers are also challenged to give their best in their career.
iv. Teacher evaluation strengthens the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and classroom practices of professional educators. This serves to promote student growth and learning while also inspiring great teachers to remain in the classroom
v. Evaluation quantifies how well stated goals and objectives are being achieved. This includes the national goals of education, and the instructional objectives of a particular lesson. Higher marks are given if the objectives (goal of teaching and learning) are being clearly achieved
vi. Also, it provides targeted support, assistance, and professional growth opportunities based on teachers’ individual needs as well as the needs of their students, schools, and counties.
vii. It keeps teachers on their toes, thus they ensure they are not left behind. They ensure that they are updated in terms of subject matter, teaching methods, and trends in usage of instructional media

3. Disadvantages of teacher evaluation
i. Tends to reward entertaining or flashy presentations rather than straightforward yet valuable ones.
ii. Teachers set very cheap exams and avoid teaching the...

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