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Teacher Essay

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World cities Lesson preparation sheets
Topics and syllabus outline
The global pattern: millionaire cities, mega cities and world cities.
Economic development and change related to urbanisation.
Contemporary urbanisation processes
Urbanisation: characteristics, causes and effects.
Suburbanisation: characteristics, causes and effects.
Counter-urbanisation: characteristics, causes and effects.
Re-urbanisation: characteristics, causes and effects.
Planning and management issues.
Contrasting case studies within countries at different levels of economic development to demonstrate the above.
Urban decline and regeneration within urban areas
Characteristics and causes of urban decline.
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| |
|Reading: Pages 446 to 450 of David Waugh, “Geography, an integrated approach” |
|“A2 Geography” –Smith & Knill– pages 135 to 140 |
|Geofile 389 and 391 |
|Glossary: |
|Agricultural Revolution |
|Industrial revolution |
|Urban growth |
|Urban function |
|Economic development |
|Industrialisation |
|Informal economy |
|Squatter settlements |
|Services |
|Unemployment |
|Underemployment |
|Self help schemes |
|Site and service ...

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