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Tb143 Lab 7 Security Basic Essay

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Task 1: Firewall is software or hardware based network security system to protect between your computer network and the internet. Hardware firewalls are best suited to business and large networks, whereas Software firewalls are best suited for home use. Hardware firewalls is a small metal box so one could hook up to a computer network just like if you were to add a printer etc. Software firewalls gives you a level of protections from hackers and unwanted intrusions. Software firewalls packages has anti
spam, antivirus, even anti-popup ads. There are also parental controls to manage what or certain websites your minor can visit.
Barracuda Firewall is the newest Hardware. It has email, ...view middle of the document...

A disadvantage to this would take up more time and require more disks or drive space. Incremental backup provide backup of files that have changed or new since the last backup. Similar to full backup, but only if the same file set to perform a incremental backup will backup if there are any changes. Backup time is faster than full backup and you can keep several versions of the same files on different backup sets. A disadvantage is you must have all of the incremental backup sets available. Differential backup provides backup of files that have changed since a full backup was performed. Differential backup only saves files that are different or new since the last full backup. Differential requires even less time and drive space than incremental and full backup. Backups should always be stored off site in case of fire or damage to computers. Especially for companies with significant amounts of important data it is important that this date is safe. A company could hire a data center to host all data if they don’t have a backup facility themselves. Data backups need to be tested regularly to make sure they work...

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