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Taste Of A Watermelon Essay

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It’s about a person who recalls his inconsiderate doing as a sixteen year-old of stealing a watermelon.
The boy had just moved to a new home with his parents and had stolen a watermelon from the fiery Mr. Wills, whom nobody dares to touch his crops.Mr. Wills had raised the biggest watermelon in the country and was guarding his patch with a gun. When the boys and his friends passed by Mr. Will’s patch one ...view middle of the document...

Mr. Wills soon discovers about his stolen watermelon and becomes desperate and angry; the boy is touched when he discovers that Mr. Wills wanted to give it to his sickly wife to make her feel better. He decides to collect the seeds and go confess to Mr. Wills with his father, expecting Mr. Wills to try to shoot him. Instead, Mr. Wills makes a deal with the boy that they’ll grow together next year instead of this one, which is ruined.
I’ve found The Taste of Melon a very entertaining 16-page read.The end is very ironic and witty. This short story is worth reading.
Actually the boys hadn't just passed by, they went swimming that night after the moon rose and Mr. Will's was actually keeping that that melon for his sickly wife to make her feel better by letting her share it with averybody in town not only so that it would make HER feel better. Also it wasn't only Mr. Will's who made the deal with the boy, they young boy presented the deal to Mr. Will's and Mr. Will's accepted.

i presume the theme is on growing up, and gaining maturity as we do so. there are a lot of things that we realize after the worst has been done, and this is what Borden deal wants us to learn through the

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