Tanglewood Case 2 Essay

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Answer b)
Forecast of availabilities
Job Category Current – 1 -2-3-4-5 Exit
(1) Store associate 8500 4505 510 0 0 0 3485
(2) Shift Leader 1200 0 600 192 0 0 408
(3) Department Manager 850 0 0 493 102 0 255
(4) Assistant store manager 150 0 0 9 69 12 60
(5) Store Manager 50 0 0 0 0 33 17

Answer c)
According to data some factors show that Tanglewood will have some difficulty with hiring because retail work is not what recent college graduates are looking for. Tanglewood wants to hire people that can start at lower shift level and move up. They also have to have a college background. However retail is not wanted mainly because college graduates find it ...view middle of the document...

We will also strive to have and to build exceptional workforce quality in a number of ways. We will work to improve job satisfaction by providing employees with task variety. We will also work toward developing talent and hiring internally.

3. Yes I do believe the company should use specific strategies for recruiting and promotion practices. I do not think it will be realistic to try to obtain the affirmative action goals in the first year. There are pros and cons to using internal vs. external hiring to rectify the problems with gender and ethnicity representation in the supervisory positions. Some examples of the pros for internal hiring are that it will be that it increases the morale of the company. Employees feel like the company cares about them. They...

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