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Taking Notes Essay

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Taking Notes
Eboni M. Whitfield
Grantham University
Student Success & Week 6

Taking Notes
“Hang on to the world as it’s spinning around. Just don’t let the spin get you down”. This will always be one of my favorite songs by a great lyricist, Donny Hathaway; Someday we’ll be Free. In learning and retaining songs, I refrain from listening to it over and over again. I listen to a line of the song and write each line out. Writing the lyrics to songs is almost like note-taking. This strategy is in alignment with the Sentence Strategy in which ...view middle of the document...

Based on the courses I am taking, is this strategy most effective? Yes. Are there other strategies that may be effective? Yes. I have also found that with note-taking in my current courses, the strategy that best suits me is the mapping strategy. This strategy has been used in the past and in the light of the concepts of note-taking, it is also resourceful. This strategy allows readers to pinpoint the main theory of what they read and provide a visual representation of relationships between information and ideas (Johnson, 2011). Because research shows that note taking is generally effective for learning, it increases the chances for students to retain the important factors of what have been read. As, I continue with my graduate degree, my goal is to prepare for on campus courses. Before lectures, I will read over reading material and identify those things that are unclear and annotate notes to be address. This gives me the opportunity to address and minimize any confusion that may arise and allow me to actively participate.
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