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Systems Of Linear Equations Essay

1338 words - 6 pages

Unit 6: Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities

Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1. Identify the graph that represents the system of linear equations.


|A. |[pic] |C. |[pic] |
| | | | |
|B. |[pic] |D. |[pic] |

2. The graph below shows the cost (c), in dollars, to rent a boat for h hours at two ...view middle of the document...

Lindsay should work for 4 hours; George should work for 5 hours
C. Lindsay should work for 6 hours; George should work for 3 hours
D. Lindsay should work for 7 hours; George should work for 2 hours

8. A shopkeeper sold 24 softballs and basketballs for a sum of $240. The price of a softball is $8 and that of a basketball is $20. How many softballs and basketballs did the shopkeeper sell?

F. 4 softballs, 20 basketballs
G. 12 softballs, 12 basketballs
H. 14 softballs, 10 basketballs
J. 20 softballs, 4 basketballs

9. Which graph corresponds to the linear system that has no solution?  

|A. |[pic] |C. |[pic] |
|B. |[pic] |D. |[pic] |

10. Find the number of solutions the linear system has.


F. exactly one solution
G. no solution
H. infinitely many solution
J. exactly two solutions

11. Select a system of linear inequalities that describes the shaded region the graph shows.


A. [pic]
B.  [pic]
C. [pic]
D. [pic]

12. Which graph represents the system of linear inequalities?


|F. |[pic] |H. |[pic] |
|G. |[pic] |J. |[pic] |

13. The Perez family is planning a trip to an amusement park. The park has two ticket plans.

• Plan A offers a weekend pass for $12 plus $0.50 per ride.

• Plan B is $1.25 for each ride.

Let x represent the number of rides each person will ride and y represent the cost per person, in dollars. Which of these systems of equations could be used to choose a ticket plan?

A. y = x + 12
y = x + 1.25

B. y = 0.50x
y = 1.25x

C. y = 12x + 0.50
y = x + 1.25

D. y = 0.50x + 12
y = 1.25x

Record your answers in the space provided on your answer sheet.

|14. Terry is going to the county fair. She has two choices for purchasing tickets, as shown in the table |[pic] |
|below. | |
| | |
| | |
|Ticket Choices ...

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