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System Inventory Essay

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University of Phoenix Material

System Inventory

Select and complete one of the following assignments:

Option 1: Virtual Organization System Inventory
Option 2: General IT System Inventory

Option 1: Virtual Organization System Inventory

Select one of the following Virtual Organizations:

• Smith Systems Consulting
• Huffman Trucking
• Kudler Fine Foods

Complete the following chart, filling in information for each system used at that Virtual Organization. Add rows to the chart as necessary.

|System Name |Brief Description |Department to Use |Purpose of the System |Connects With |Development Details |
| ...view middle of the document...

| |applications. | |Vendors, Parts | | |
| | | |Purchasing History and| |Scalable – The DBMS has an |
| | | |Vehicle Maintenance; | |upgrade path. If performance |
| | | |eliminating the need | |starts to suffer from an |
| | | |for manual management.| |increasing number of users or |
| | | |Microsoft Access has | |records, it can be upsized to |
| | | |added security | |Microsoft SQL Server. |
| | | |options, the ability | | |
| | | |to create customized | |Legacy Data – The DBMS can |
| | | |forms and reports, and| |import many data formats so |
| | | |database redundancy. | |existing data is not lost. |
| | | |This product also | |When properly deployed, and if|
| | | |allows quick and easy | |electronic data is available, |
| | | |methods to access data| |this feature alone can save |
| | | |via graphical user | |100s of data input hours. |
| | | |interfaces allowing | | |
| | | |users with little or | |Web Integration – The DBMS has|
| | | |no computer skills to | |close web links so online data|
| | | |modify, add, or browse| |access is made easier. A shift|
| | | |the database | |towards e-commerce could prove|

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