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System Anayis And Design Essay

291 words - 2 pages

Term Paper
The course Term Paper is due no later than 11:59 PM on Sunday, December 7th 2014.
For the course Term Paper use the SCR Associates Case Study from the chapters covered in the course and you have worked on each week to do the following:

1. Review and summarize the progress the Case Study has made from inception to close (where did you start, where did you finish).

2. State the "lessons ...view middle of the document...

3. Discuss how do you believe the Case Study experience has enhanced your understanding of the SDLC process and the SA&D discipline as a whole.

4. Describe how you anticipate you will use your newly developed analytical skills in Systems Design in your present or your dream job.

The above must be created using MLA writing format and saved in a file format that can be opened using MS Word 2010 (not native open office). The file must be attached to the link above and not e-mailed to your instructor.

Use the Special Topic Discussion Board set up for your use to post questions about this course term paper. However, allow me to anticipate one question...

Q. Mr. Miller, how many pages should the course term paper be?

A. The course Term Paper must consist of enough pages in order that the content FULLY and COMPLETELY addresses the four (4) subject areas described above. Historically, students have created between 8 to 12 pages to accomplish this task.
** IMPORTANT** as a significant amount of time has been allowed to work on this project  NO Late work will be accepted. So, do manage your time accordingly.  

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