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System Administrator Essay

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Students are required to select one media report from the three reports provided on Blackboard under the assessment folder. Students are required to identify and analyse the legal issues arising in their chosen report through answering a series of questions. Students need to apply a similar approach to that used in the Topic 1 case study, ‘The Swimming Stadium’, to their chosen media report.

Format of assignments Assignments cannot be handwritten and must comply with the following format requirements: • • • • • Document type: Word or pdf (pdf preferred); Font: Arial or similar font - no smaller than 12 point in size; Pages: Numbered in top or ...view middle of the document...

Referencing and appropriate acknowledgement of sources Most often errors in referencing are incidental or clearly inadvertent. In the event of a level one incident of plagiarism occurring, a student may be contacted by the University and required to undertake further training or remedial work in relation to referencing. Where the lack of correct referencing appears to contravene the University policy on plagiarism, the student’s paper will be referred to the Unit Coordinator and dealt with according to University policy. This may amount to academic misconduct. An important aspect of the University Plagiarism Policy is recognition that not all plagiarism is intentional or involves cheating. If students are not learning as expected, they will be made aware of their difficulties and helped to improve. Those who deliberately choose to cheat by way of plagiarism, however, will be identified and dealt with accordingly. Students are strongly advised to understand their responsibilities in relation to correct referencing and should consult the Unit Outline, the Business Law 100 presentation slides on referencing and Blackboard for more information.

Submission Please read the submission process carefully. Students should understand that compliance with instructions in relation to an assessment task is critical. Students MUST be aware that noncompliance with submission instructions can result in a mark of ZERO. All assignments must be submitted by 1PM (WST) on the Monday of the week the assignment is due, i.e. Assignment one is due Monday, 23 March 2015 by 1PM (WST). Students are required to submit their assignment to Blackboard through a link provided in the ‘Assessment’ folder titled ‘Assignment one’. The assignment will automatically be submitted to the plagiarism detection program, Turnitin. Students are given the option to submit a draft assignment into Turnitin (via Blackboard) to retrieve an originality report of their assignment. To submit a draft assignment, students must upload their

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draft assignment to Blackboard through a link provided in the ‘Assessment’ folder titled ‘Assignment one: Revision 1’. For more information about the submission process or Turnitin, please refer to the detailed submission instructions on Blackboard within the ‘Assessment’ folder.

Feedback on assignments The teaching staff is available to assist you with your learning in this unit. You should contact your lecturer in the first instance if you need help understanding the course material or issues arising in the assignment. There is also a staffed discussion board available for students. It is often helpful to share ideas and problems with other students using this forum. You can also contact the Unit Coordinator if you are still unable to get the answer you are seeking. Please allow 48 hours (working days) for a response to your query. Unfortunately...

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