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Windshield Survey based on a community in Pensacola Florida

|Element |Description |
|Housing and Zoning |The area of Ensley in Pensacola is comprised of homes ranging from small mobile homes to large homes |
| |valued at over $250,000.00 Most homes are detached single family homes. The majority are lower |
| |middle income homes with 1-2 high income neighborhoods. |
|Open space |There are few ...view middle of the document...

There is an urgent care walk |
| |in center and several day care agencies. There is also a public library |
|Stores |Shopping includes a Super Wal-Mart and some small specialty stores |
|Street people |The people seen on the street are mostly casual with few business attired people. In fact you see |
| |very few people walking. The area has few if any sidewalks. |
|Signs of decay |The area is older and shows very few signs of renovation. Part of the area is a known haven for drug|
| |user and has recently had an attempt by Sheriff’s department to get crime under control, but when |
| |their presence decreased the crime returned. |
|Race |The area is mostly Caucasian and Afro-American with Oriental and Hispanic comprising the balance |
|Ethnicity |The predominant language is English and there are no seen ethnic stores in the area. There are 2 |
| |large and 1 small private schools in the area. These schools are all predominately Caucasian. |
|Religion |The residents are mostly Evangelical Protestant, Mainline Protestant and the balance being Catholic |
| |and other religions. |
|Health and Morbidity |Leading causes of death are Cancer Heart disease and Stroke. There are several smokers in passing |
| |vehicles and...

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