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Synopsis Essay

409 words - 2 pages

Economics 4201
Monetary Economics
2016 Spring Semester at Baruch College

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Writing Assignment No. 1 – A Synopsis of the Minsky Model of a General Financial Crisis found in the 2nd Chapter of Manias, Panics, and Crashes -- A History of Financial Crises, by Charles P. Kindleberger and Robert Z. Aliber, 6th Edition, Copyright 2011, by Palgrave MacMillan. The 2nd Chapter, pages 26 – 38, is entitled The Anatomy of a Typical Crisis.

Dear Students of Economics 4201 (Course Codes 43901 & 43902, Sections PMW & QMW): Monetary Economics:

Instructions: Read the second chapter in the 6th ...view middle of the document...

Write a synopsis of no more than four (4) single-spaced, typed pages of Hyman Minsky’s economic model of a general financial crisis. A student should strive for thoroughness, preciseness (accuracy) and conciseness (brevity of written expression) in his/her exposition. A synopsis of Minsky’s model –-presented in Chapter 2-- is what is desired, not a synopsis of the entire chapter.

A student shall be penalized should he/she write more than four (4) single-spaced, stapled and typed pages. The font style may be either Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman and the font size may be 11 or 12.

Pages should be typed and stapled together. Also page numbers should be inserted on the bottom right-hand side of each page. However, the first page should not be numbered. The assignment shall be collected in class on the due date, Wednesday, February 24, 2016. E-mails by students submitting this writing assignment to the professor shall not be accepted. Students must submit Writing Assignment No. 1 to the professor in person, in class, on Wednesday, February 24th. No other means of submission is satisfactory! Each student is to write his/her assignment without assistance or help from one or more human beings. One exception to this rule is help proffered to students by the Writing Center of Baruch College.

Should you need help with something regarding Writing Assignment No. 1, please come to your professor first for assistance.

-Dr. Henry

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