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Syllabus Essay

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Programme Responsable
Master Grande Ecole
15-16 RN MGE M1 S3

Human Resources & Organization
Département académique :

People & Organisations

Responsable :


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Connaissances requises

Présentation du cours et finalités générales
The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the role of people in facilitating organizational
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Méthodes pédagogiques

Organisation du cours

Heures Heures

Mode d'apprentissage



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Individuel Groupe



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Magistral Expérimental



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Your overall course grade is meant to assess your academic performance inside and outside of the classroom
(relative to the course materials). The assessment tools used do not measure your overall potential as a
person nor do they assess your overall intelligence or worth. A variety of assessment/grading tools are
designed to assess your knowledge, skills and achievement of the course objectives; they are presented in the
table below, then each of them is described briefly in the sections that follow.

Course Component
Weight % Due Dates
Participation & Professional Conduct
Continuous assessment
Group Presentations
Last two classes
Final Exam
TBD, During the Final Exam period

Participation & Class Behaviour (10%). This course is designed to be interactive, and it is both encouraged and
expected of you to share your experiences and insights on the issues that we raise.
Students will therefore have the opportunity to contribute to class discussion their experiences and ideas
related to the workplace. Participation means taking part a) weekly media comments; b) 'thinking on your feet'
when the professor asks you a question; c) and offering insight on material covered in class. The quality of
your class participation will make a difference in determining course grades.
Note. Weekly Media Comments. Students will sign-up in class for a topic corresponding to a lecture. The aim of
this exercise is to encourage students to review the popular press and news coverage on that week's topic.
Students are asked to come to class with 2-3 news stories that fit under their assigned week and be prepared
to answer the following questions:
1. Why did I select this story? What is interesting about this story?
2. How does this story relate to the lecture?
3. Who wrote this story? What assumptions are they making? What is being left out of the story?
Group Presentations (40%). This is a group project and groups of 4-5 members will be formed in-class. It is
important to attend class so that you can be placed in a group and be ready to work the following week
in-class. You will have class time each week to work on your group presentations. Group presentations will
take place in the final two classes.
Important: Each group must choose the case it plans to study by the end of session 3. Once it the case is

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