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Swot Analysis Of South Korea Market

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Name: kwong ho man
Student number: 8466975
Subject:fitH07 preventing and managing sports injuries
CRN: 2414

Discuss Topic is knee injury
muscle strain of knee injury
Muscle Knee Injury (posterior femoral muscle strain, front thigh muscles strain, torn hamstring) is any injury to the hamstring, which is located in the back of the thigh.
Hamstring play a role in straightening your hips and bend your knees.
If the hamstring strength is less than 60% of quadriceps strength, the quadriceps will become stronger and can injure the hamstring.

Ligament sprain of knee injury
A Ligament is a short band of fibrous tissue that connects bone to bone. In some cases ligaments limit or prevent a particular movement in a joint.

Ligament damage is a common knee injury and is usually the result of one, or a combination of, the following:

* Blunt force to the knee
* Sudden change of direction
* ...view middle of the document...

They often occur in combination with ligament injuries, particularly when the medial meniscus is involved. This is partly because the medial meniscus is attached to the medial collateral ligament and partly because tackles are often directed towards the lateral side of the knee, causing external rotation of the tibia.
Trainings principles:
* Muscle strength(F.I.T.T)
Frequency | * Major muscle group 2-3 days/week |
Intensity | * 8-12 reps at 60-80 % 1 RM, 3-4 sets |
Time | * 8-10 multi – joint exercises of all major muscle group |
Type | * Multi-joint exercise * Targeting agonist and antagonist muscle groups * Single joint exercise may also be included:Major muscle (Hamstring, quadriceps) |

* muscle endurance(F.I.T.T)
Frequency | * Major muscle group 2-3 days/week |
Intensity | * 12-15 reps at 60-80 % 1 RM, 3-4 sets |
Time | * 8-10 multi – joint exercises of all major muscle group |
Type | * Multi-joint exercise * Targeting agonist and antagonist muscle groups * Single joint exercise may also be included:Major muscle (Hamstring, quadriceps) |

* flexibility(F.I.T.T)
Frequency | * A minimum of 2-3 days/week |
Intensity | * To the limits of discomfort within the Rom * Perceived as a point of mild tightness without discomfort |
Time | * 15-60S, 2-4 reps |
Type | * Involve major muscle tendon groups |

* cardiovascular system(F.I.T.T)
Frequency | * 3-5d/week to maximize caloric expenditure |
Intensity | * Moderate to vigorous intensity PA * Initial :moderate (40-60%HRR) * Progression: moderate to vigorous (50-75% HRR) |
Time | * At least 30mins/day |
Type | * Emphasize aerobic exercise(swimming ,walking) * resistance training as supplementary |

* prevention of injury
Injury prevention is including:
Know your limits .Listen to your body. Use strength training to balance your body. Stretch the back of your legs. Cross training provides active rest and recovery and Get shoes that fit. Warm Up Before and after Exercise, because can increased Muscle Temperature, reduce injuries

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