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Swot Analysis Of Healthcare Organizations

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SWOT Analysis of Health Care Organizations
Denise Brown-Blanchard
Walden University
Strategic Planning and Marketing
HLTH - 4115 - 1
Dr. Don Ciulla
March 18, 2012

SWOT Analysis of Health Care Organizations
Provide a brief summary of the location, services, and activities of your chosen health care organization.

Barnes-Jewish Hospital is located at One Barnes-Jewish Hospital Plaza in St. Louis Missouri. It is the largest hospital in the state and employs the most people of any other company in the surrounding area. Two hospitals, Barnes Hospital, and The Jewish Hospital of St. Louis, merged in 1996 to create the facility of today. The hospital has been awarded many ...view middle of the document...

Barnes-Jewish Hospital’s Heart and Vascular Center is renowned for their development and implementation of new heart surgery techniques. Many patients’ lives have been saved and improved, due to the staff’s cutting edge innovative ideas for treatment. The rest of the services offered at Barnes-Jewish Hospital are all equally stunning in the quality of care provided to patients. Patrons can be sure to receive the most up-to-date care and will be attended by some of the best staff in the country. The hospital is dedicated in extending their outreach programs and providing services to the surrounding community (Barnes-Jewish Hospital, 1997-2012).
Describe its service area in terms of current population, future population, competitors, and major environmental influences that will affect its operations 5 years from now.
Barnes-Jewish Hospital services a mostly white population. Whites make up a massive 77.7% of the hospital’s service area with the minorities of African Americans at 18.4%, 3.5% for Asians, 2.3% Hispanic, and the remaining 1.6% is a mix of other races. A mere 5% of the patients who go to Barnes-Jewish require an interpreter. According to the 2010 Census, females make up 51.6% of St. Louis’ population compared to 50.7% in the United States overall and males make up 48.4% of St. Louis compared to the U.S. average of 49.3% (, 2012).
According to the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, the population of St. Louis is projected to reach “6.8 million people in 2030, a growth of roughly 1.2 million people from the year 2000, which will represent a 21% increase in the state's population” (
Barnes-Jewish Hospital is one of the five main hospitals located in the St. Louis area. It is in competition with Missouri Baptist Medical Center and the Center for Cancer Care and Research, St. Luke’s Hospital located in Chesterfield, St. Louis Children’s Hospital, and Saint Louis University Hospital. All of these hospitals are competitors against one another because of the prestige and awards attached to their names (, 2012).
Barnes-Jewish Hospital ranked number 11 in a list of the nation’s top hospitals back in 2011 and many of the different services Barnes-Jewish has to offer came in at number 14 at the most beautiful, clinical excellence, and most integrated health-networks (, 2012). Saint Louis University Hospital comes in a close second ranked at number 21, and both Missouri Baptist Medical Center and St. Luke’s Hospital are listed as one of the top 100 on different studies. In 2009, Parents magazine named St. Louis Children’s Hospital the 5th best in the nation. All of these hospitals are among the top in the nation in quality, and have earned other awards in best places to work (, 2012).
Identify two threats and two opportunities (external assessments) for your chosen organization that may be present 5 years in...

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