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Swot Analysis

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SWOT analysis

➢ SWOT Anaylis: Product

| | | Threats |
| |Opportunities | |
| | |- The bedding market is a saturated one |
| |- People from different ages suffer from backaches|- The youths’ budget is relatively small |
| |- Hard for students to wake up in the morning, ...view middle of the document...

|- Because the product is healthy, it will be |with a limited budget |
|- The devices are easy to find |useful for people with back problems | |
|- Fast to produce |- The Waking Bed is a new technology, and that | |
|- New technologies |will reduce the direct competition and will | |
|- Healthy product |attract youth keeping up with new technologies | |
|- The company will get an image of | | |
|innovative and creative company | | |
| | | |
| |- The “waking Bed” has no competition and a large | |
|Weaknesses |target audience, by the time sales will generate |- How can we innovate and develop new |
| |sufficient earnings to pay back the investment |technologies without investing huge amounts of |
|- Logistics costs |made |money? |
|- New heavy investments for the | | |
|company in order to produce the | | |
|“Waking Bed” | | |
| | | |

➢ SWOT Analysis: Should we only target the students?

| |Opportunities | |
| | |Threats |
| |- The WakingBed doesn’t exist => first in the | |
| |market |- Competition: other companies producing |
| |- Students like to consume specialized products |vibrating and relaxing beds ...

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