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Environmental Sustainability External Affairs Public Relations Division
Presented by: Scott Fessler Tametrius Walker Lisa O’Connor University of Phoenix, College Mathematics I Professor Anjana Verma December 2, 2011

Information About our Division
 At our office we exchange information with the Environment

Protection Agency and the public, Congress, and State local natural environment.  Our office provides Media Relations, Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations, Environmental Education and outreach, Environmental Information.  Our mission is to teach, research and to provide community service through coordinated communications within a variation of agencies. The public ...view middle of the document...

 More than ½ of the U. S. residents live in areas that failed to meet the federal air quality standards. The ozone pollution accounts for 72% of nitrogen oxides and 52% of reactive hydrocarbons. Emissions from power plants reduce nitrogen oxide by 40%.  SUV’s contribute 43% more global warming pollutants and 47% more than the average car.

Report Illegal Dumping
Illegal dumping of trash, paint products, motor oil and other chemicals into storm drains is against the law!

Don’t Litter
 Everything dropped, tossed, spilled or discarded onto streets

and gutters will eventually make its way into the storm drain system--and out to the ocean!  Every year, at least 800,000 cigarette butts are picked up from our beaches and from the streets.

Pollution Of The Rivers And Lakes
 Oil spills happen when people make mistakes or are careless

and cause an oil tanker to leak oil into the ocean and this is what kills the fishes and all the other sea animals.  The BP Oil Spill was very damaging to the Gulf Coast. In 2010, BP sent out two robotic vehicles to monitor water pollutants. Over 200 million gallons of oil leaked into the sea before the well was sealed.  Many fishermen, markets and restaurants along the Gulf Coast were severely affected by the oil leak.

Waste Of Water
 A...

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