Susan B Anthony Essay

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Susan B Anthony
Some Facts Regarding the Suffrage Movement and Susan B Anthony’s Involvement

Cindy Mutchler
November 13, 2011

American Public University
Tara Simpson
HIST 102

Most people have heard of Susan B Anthony as her face is on some of our dollar coins. But some may not know the reasons behind her being on that coin, and the way that she got there. This and many other things in themselves make her fascinating and intriguing as well.
Born on February 15 1820, Susan B. Anthony “was brought up in a Quaker family with long activist traditions.” “After teaching for fifteen years, she became active in temperance. Because she was a woman, she was not allowed to speak at ...view middle of the document...

” “Wyoming became the first territory to give women the vote in 1869.” “In the late 1860s she even portrayed the vote of freedmen as threatening the safety of white women.” “In 1900, aged 80, Anthony retired as President of NAWSA.” “In 1904 Anthony presided over the International Council of Women in Berlin and became honorary president of Carrie Chapman Catt's International Woman Suffrage Alliance.” “Susan B. Anthony died in 1906 at her home on Madison Street in Rochester.” “All American adult women finally got the vote with the Nineteenth Amendment, also known as the Susan B. Anthony Amendment, in 1920.” “In 1979, Susan B. Anthony's image was chosen for the new dollar coin, making her the first woman to be depicted on US currency.” “The size of the dollar was, however, close to that of the quarter, and the Anthony dollar never became very popular.”
With her work as an activist in the Woman’s suffrage movement, Susan B. Anthony was a remarkable and fascinating woman. It is sad that she is still not represented today on our dollar as she did a great many things for woman in her lifetime.


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