Survey Questions Essay

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Name: ____________________________ Sex: ____
Occupation: ________________________ Age: ____
Monthly Income ___ PHP 11,999 and below ____ PHP 41,000 – 46,999
___ PHP 12,000 – 19,999 ____ PHP 47,000 – 53,999
___ PHP 20,000 – 26,999 ____ PHP 54,000 – 60,999
___ PHP 27,000 – 33,999 ____ PHP 61,000 – 67,999
___ PHP 34,000 – 40,999 ____ PHP 67,000 and above
Dear Sir/Ms,
I am a student of Mapua Institute of Technology Makati, taking MGT121, Fundamentals of Marketing, under the E.T. Yuchengco School of Business ...view middle of the document...

How do you travel within the locale of your workplace or study?
___ Jeepney/s ___ Tricycle
___ Walking ___ Private Vehicle
4. Where do you usually go for the weekends?
___ Staying at home ___ Town plaza/community park
___ Local malls ___ Weekend jobs/classes

5. Are you willing to buy our product (Coca-Cola beverage)?
___ Yes ___ No
6. What do you like most in Coke?
___ Taste ___ Easily accessible for purchase
___ Affordable price ___ Promotion methods being used
7. Where do you usually buy the beverage?
___ Local supermarkets ___ Dine-in restaurants
___ Fast-food chains ___ Local convenience stores
8. Which method of payment do you usually use in purchasing grocery items?
___ Cash on hand ___ Debit Card
___ Credit card ___ Coupons
9. In which event do you usually consume Coca Cola?
___ Family Meal/s ___ With group of friends
___ During the evening ___ With every meal
10. How often do you purchase Coca Cola beverage?
___ At least once per day ___ At least once a month
___At least once per week ___No regular pattern of purchase
11. Rank the following advertising methods for Coca-Cola (1 – most favorite, 5 – least favorite)
___ Imprint in newspapers (broadsheets & tabloids)
___ Billboard Ads along SLEX and NLEX
___ Family and “barkada” oriented Television Ads
___ Special events (eg. Fun run, sponsorships)
___ Posters and Tarpaulins on the sidewalk and in malls

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