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Survey Paper

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RUNNING HEAD: Survey Paper

Survey Paper
RES 351
Robert Sotelo

Survey Paper

While working in logistics for my company we had to deal with issues in regards to major internal theft as well as a huge financial loss where our company had to write off approximately $2million in the course of a few months. As a new employee here I was able to see how all departments worked and was able to analyze where some of the problems arose. I had the idea to develop a questionnaire to share with the employees in order to see what their opinions were and in hopes of gathering shared data so that we could present it to our corporate counterparts and try and come up with a viable ...view middle of the document...

Another area of financial loss within a logistics company is failure to be trained properly in our daily processes, in turn causing many clerical errors which in turn can create inventory problems where numbers and figures don’t match up. In my experience with the company attention to detail is pertinent. Any small little error can have a cascading effect which in turn can easily amount to many dollars being lost.
By using the survey I feel we can have sections that will determine the persons character, their morals, their workplace ethical integrity, you can also be able to measure what might be needed in order to improve the daily work life and setting for your employees in order to minimize the theft. When you make your workplace a place where your employees are eager to go to work you in turn create a place and environment in which your employees become happy and eager to do a good job and have more loyalty towards the company therefore eliminating the need to steal or use company time for personal matters.
Some of the ways we can minimize internal theft is to raise wages,...

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