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Survey Of Economic Wedding Essay

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Respected Madam / Sir,
As a part of my project I would like to gather some information from you which will help me in an in depth study of project. I would be obliged if you co-operate with me in filling the questionnaire. Since the questionnaire is being used for academic purpose, the information gathered will be strictly confidential.

* Wedding Ceremony Budget and Expenditure with limitation and Control
* Adaptation of Hinduism in Muslim wedding
* Negligence of Islamic Perspective (Shari'ah)
* Dowry-A Curse
* Adaptation of Shari'ah grows economy well

Name: _____________________________ Gender: Male Female
Age: ___________ Occupation: _________________________

Q.1) What is your community?
Memon Bihari Mahajir Baloch
Punjabi Sindhi Pathan ...view middle of the document...

6) Which budget scale is more appropriate for wedding arrangements?
Small-1 Lakh Medium-1 to 3 Lakh Large-More than 3 Lakh

Q.7) Do you think that the majority of people waste too much food in a wedding?
Yes No Don't know

Q.8) Why do Muslims of Pakistan not follow Shari'ah in Solemnized Marriages?
Yes No Don't know
Q.9) Do you opine that Traditions and Customs are heavily rooted in our Society?
Yes No Don't know

Q.10) Do you think that Dowry is a customs of Hindu Religion?
Yes No Don't know

Q.11) Why do we follow the Hinduism in our Marriage function like Mehndi and Mayan? As these are not include in Shari'ah?
Never Seldom Occasionally Frequently

Q.12) Do you think that Dowry is a curse in our Society?
Yes No

Q.13) Islam/Shari'ah clearly stated that overspending and extravaganza is prohibited so why we don’t follow this?
Yes No Don't know

Q.14) Do you think that our Alim-e-Deen plays an important role for wiping out dowry and extravaganza in Marriages?
Yes No Don't know

Q.15) Nikah should be perform in Mosque
Agree Disagree

Q.16) Do you think that overspending and extravaganzas in marriages is the part of Status symbols?
Agree Tend to agree Tend to disagree Disagree
Q.17) Do people spend a lot of money in their marriages to show a status?
Agree Disagree

Q.18) Do you think that elimination of wedding card is positive or negative?
Agree Disagree

Q.19) Elimination of Mehndi and Mayon are the positive steps?
Agree Disagree
Q.20) Do you think that if we go ahead with Islamic Shari'ah then we easily stabilize the economy?
Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree





……………………….THANK YOU………………………..

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