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Supporting Individuals With Dementia Essay

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Supporting individuals with dementia
Describe the legislation and frameworks which govern work with individuals with dementia
Enduring power of an attorney act-
This is a legal tool that allows you to enact someone to make certain decisions on your behalf, this can include finances, health and welfare and also legal help. An attorney is appointed when you are no longer able to make decisions yourself or if you are not of sound mind.
Enduring power of an attorney act allows you to choose someone you trust to make decisions on your behalf for example a trusted family member, this person must be over 18, be of sound mind and also be willing to take on this job. If there are no ...view middle of the document...

If these rights are violated it can be taken to court, some of these rights are as follows;
* The right to not be treated in an inhuman or degrading way this can include not being given basic things such as being able to use the toilet or being humiliated in front of a group of people
* The right to have privacy within your own life, family life and correspondence, this can include privacy towards yourself for example you have a right to get changed in private if someone refuses this, this right is being broken, if someone with dementia is in a home they still have the right to privacy this may be during family visits.
* The right to freedom, this does not mean that everyone can do as they please but that they have free will and should not be forced into anything, for example restraining a person with dementia onto a chair would be a breach of this free will.
* The right not to be discriminated against, everyone has the right to not be discriminated against these acts of discrimination can include racial, ageist, religious and homophobic discrimination. If a person with dementia suffers from discrimination they have the right to speak out for example if someone with dementia is unable to attend a church service alone and the staff at the home refuse to accompany him/her that can be seen as discrimination.
There are many more human rights that come under the human rights act although these are relevant to people who suffer from dementia.
Data protection act-
The data protection act controls how data is stored within a business, this data can include personal details, medical history and any existing medical conditions. Every business has a responsibility to abide by the data protection act, it is important all information is kept confidential.
People with dementia who live in a home will have a file either stored by paper or on a computer it will include their medical history, any medication they have been on and are currently on, it should also have updates of any changes in the person’s health.
It is essential this information is kept confidential and is only shown to professionals who need to see it, before anyone else sees it they must have permission from the person first who is of sound mind.
Mental capacity act-
The mental capacity act is there to protect individuals that have mental issues and are not able to make important decisions themselves for example deciding when to leave their home and go to a home.
This act applies to people with learning difficulties, mental health issues such as psychotic depression, people who have suffered a stroke and people with dementia. Many people are able to make decisions such as what to wear but have troubles deciding about things such as financial issues.
With someone who suffers from dementia there is a decline in them, at first they may be able to decide everything for themselves and as the decline begins to happen they may begin to struggle with things such...

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