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Supply Chain Management
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[Abstract] With the updates of music carriers, the market of headsets expanded quickly. Using the in-ear headsets as a sample product, this paper works on the requirements, souring, logistics, sustainability and costs of the product, and finally works out a supply chain for this product.
[Keywords] Supply chain management, headsets

Product introduction
I choose customized in-ear headsets (or earbuds) as my product. And my firm will be located in Shanghai, PRC. Several colors and different sound drivers are provided. The type of sound drivers used in the headsets, the appearance of the shells ...view middle of the document...

2m—1.8m | 1 | OFC/PVC |
Plug | 3.5mm | 1 | / |
Customization Details (code: option) |
Cable Color | 0: black, 1: white |
Shell Color | 0: black, 1: white, 2: orange, 3: green, 4: red |
Sound Driver Choices | 1: single moving coil, 2: double moving coil, 3: coil-armature mixed, 4: double balanced armature |
*Product Code Definition: This code is determined by the 3 factors above(e.g.001 for single mc earbuds with black cable and black shells. |
Table 1 Product snapshot

Requirements planning
Customer Requirements Forecasting
According to the product snapshot (table 1), the target customers are supposed to be 10 audio product stores, 2 front-end manufacturers, and end users who directly order the products online. Their requirements for the product should be:
` 1) The audio product retails will need a medium quantity in the follow product types: 111,012,122,042,134;
2) The front-end manufacturers demand large quantity for a certain product type.: 042 for manufacturer 1 and 114 for manufacturer 2;
3) Each online order demands unique headsets, so I suppose each type has the same demand.
The monthly forecast requirements can be showed as the table below:
Target customer | Requirement description | Total quantity |
| Product Code | Quantity | |
Retail stores | 111,012,122,042,134 | 50×10 | 2500 |
Front end manufacturer 1 | 042 | 2500 | 2500 |
Front end manufacturer 2 | 114 | 2000 | 2000 |
End users | All types | 20 | 800 |
Total | | | 7800 |
Table 2 Monthly forecast requirements
Manufacture requirements
Production cycle
The firm delivers the goods once a month to retails and front end manufacturers and once a week to end users’ orders. So weekly, at least 200 headsets will be produced. And I supposed the order of one month is manufactured within 3 weeks (Week1 for retail store orders, Week2 for manufacturer 1, Week3 for manufacturer 2).
Labor requirement
According to production cycle, the productivity per week should be 2700 units.
Set the productivity of labor hour as 10 units per labor-hour.
The labor requirement is: 2700÷5÷8÷10=7 workers
Material requirements
Customer | Type | Quantity | Materials per unit |
Retails | 111 | 500 | Moving coil units×2, white cable×1,plug×1,white shells×2 |
| 012 | 500 | Moving coil units×4, black cable×1,plug×1,white shells×2 |
| 122 | 500 | Moving coil units×4, white cable×1,plug×1,orange shells×2 |
| 042 | 500 | Moving coil units×4, black cable×1,plug×1,red shells×2 |
| 134 | 500 | Balanced armature×4, white cable×1,plug×1,green shells×2 |
Front end manufacturer1 | 042 | 2500 | Moving coil units×4, black cable×1,plug×1,red shells×2 |
Front end manufacturer2 | 114 | 2000 | Balanced armature×4, white cable×1,plug×1,white shells×2 |
End users | All | 800 | Determined by type |
Table 3 Material requirements
According to all requirements listed above, the production schedule is showed in table4
Time -line | Quantity | Materials | Labor |
| | MC...

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