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When Warner bros. entertainment established an umbrella division, the Warner Home Entertainment Group, last October for all business units involved in the digital delivery of entertainment to consumers, it was fast-forwarding the most important technical transaction the studio has made in decades. "The great promise of digital technology ... is that consumers will be able to choose how they want to consume content," Kevin Tsujihara, president of the new division, said in making the announcement. "We're entering an exciting time in the entertainment business when the consumer, ...view middle of the document...

"As we watched the consumer go digital, the production systems within Warner have followed suit," he says. "At the front end we're
seeing the increasing use of digital cameras by filmmakers, and at other end we're seeing digital distribution through broadband (McCartney,L. Oct2006).
As the world goes digital, another business goal is to create a paperless supply chain, according to Brian Reed, VP of global marketing at Forms cape, a company that provides document management solutions. And while document management is considered to be just one piece of content management, its value should not be underestimated. "Our business--and the world--floats on information," Reed says. "There's a huge amount of it that is in structured systems, but also a lot of it that remains in unstructured formats. A lot of it lives in both the print and electronic world. Most people are just trying to find ways to capture, manage, store, track, and distribute information more efficiently (Serva, S., 2004)."


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