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I have learned a lot especially the past 10 years from supervisors and upper management. By observations their actions, I can see what to do and what not to do in many occasions.
I am currently a project manager, so I don’t always oversee employees, but I do have a lot of interaction with employees. When a new project is implemented I must be able to involve all the correct first line supervisors to have a successful project implementation. I have to also be able to trust the first line supervisors to relay important information that will affect the workforce as most of the production line does not have access to email during the day. It is critical I create excellent working relationships as some of these business processes that are being introduced in our workplace are new, and also involve new technologies.

1. What are some ways that a supervisor's job is similar to those of managers at other levels? How does a supervisor's job differ from those of other managers? Supervisors and managers are similar because they both have a role that is to create a safe work environment and they are responsible for others in the company. As a supervisor you may have less of an education and your pay may be different, also you may have less experience than a higher level of management positions. I view a supervisor as a position who has shown responsibility, and communication skills to be higher than others. Also, supervisors tend to work more with the employees directly than a manager. They are responsible for day-to-day operations and make sure that employees are working toward the company mission and values. Managers are left to make more business type decisions with some input from a supervisor. The supervisor usually cannot hire / fire but also provide input to a manager to help make those decisions.

6. What responsibilities do supervisors have to each of these groups?
a. Higher management.
i. A supervisor’s role to higher management should include voicing opinions of those who (s)he supervises. Also, communicating to employees the business decisions that are being made.
b. The employees they supervise.
ii. A supervisor’s role to the employees they supervise are to support conflict resolution, ensure day-to-day operations are being accomplished, and to assist where there may gaps in the department for the day.
c. Co-workers in other departments.
iii. A supervisor’s role to other in a different department should be communication first. Something a supervisor does in another department may affect another departments goals. With solid and efficient communication between departments it allows the entire business to come together for the common goal of running smoothly.

Problem-Solving Case:
Refereeing the Referees of the Atlantic Coast Conference
When basketball teams from Duke, Georgia Tech, and the...

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