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Supermarket Technology Essay

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Supermarket Technology

Ever since the use of IT in supermarkets had been used, the supermarkets were able to get more profit due that people demand more and more while the population is increasing rapidly during the years, this is good for any supermarket and that is why there are many supermarkets in a country but a huge problem would be “How to provide the best service to a huge amount of customers the increase every year?” and this is when technology comes in.
Technology is used to make things easier for us, humans. Technology is good and bad at the same time, it can give job opportunities and it can also take it away.
In these days people now are working longer hours to sustain the financial demand that is needed in-order to keep up a higher standard of living.
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It will be a good thing to the owner(s) because they can gain more profit by investing in these machines and get the money invested back but these machines need to be checked every time because there is a chance that I may have some technical problems.
Also there is unemployment of some employees due that customers can buy the products they need or want by Internet (e-commerce). Most people need a transport to take the things they bought back to home (their own car, a taxi, etc.) so if we buy the products via Internet it will help to reduce CO2 emissions, traffic congestion, deforestation and plastic consumption that are a huge problem nowadays. Also handicapped people may need this purchasing method as they are not able to move from one place to another and they can get everything delivered to home without any difficulty.
The use of cameras around the supermarket, in this case, it will provide job opportunities because there are many thieves. Also the cameras may provide information to the supermarket employees that there are not enough products in a zone of the supermarkets so the employees go and refill the empty places to provide a better service to the client or maybe the barcode readers that can get statistics of how much demand there is for a specific product.
There are some machines that provide information about the product to the customer on how much it costs, its code, etc by scanning the barcode the product, in this case, this is good for the supermarket because it provide a better service and attention to the customers.

What feasible solutions can be applied to overcome problems?
The machines that I mentioned needs a software to be able to work properly if not there would be some problems and the supermarket would get a bad reputation for not providing a good service to the customer so each machine needs to be checked from time to time so that it don’t have any technical problems in the future.

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