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Super Market Survey Essay

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Alicia Oard
April 14, 2013
While living off-campus, I’ve realized that there lies a whole nether world where students must buy their own groceries based on price, bang for your buck, and of course, taste. Who knew the fridge didn’t magically create ranch dressing?! Well, I was on my weekly grocery shopping stroll to Wal-Mart when I decided, maybe instead of people watching I should try and compare my groceries to see what I am actually buying! So I slipped out my notepad, clicked my pen and I was off to the produce section to start my raid.
As I approached the produce section, I nearly collided into the enormous, radiant, mass ...view middle of the document...

After grabbing some lettuce from the produce section I waltzed down the aisle to purchase the heroin of salad condiments, Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing. Now I am not one to typically buy Fat Free or Light products because of the taste but I figured I would stick to my storewide goal and check out the differences. At first I had to practically search high and low to find the two varieties! There were bottles in every size and even squeezable. The Hidden Valley Ranch Light was slightly above eye level and there was only one left in quantity. Further down and to the right was the Fat Free. Both products were $2.98. Compositionally, the Light and Fat Free had similar ingredients but Fat Free had a significant amount of more preservatives and synthetic ingredients. The Light Ranch had 7 grams of fat, 3 grams of carbohydrates, and 1 gram of protein. The Light Ranch uses fat replacers to eliminate fat. The Fat Free Ranch had 0 grams of fat, 6 grams of carbohydrates, and 0 grams of protein and both types were gluten free. The target customer for this product would be someone who has suffered a heart attack and should watch their fat intake, or even someone managing their weight. I dislike this product because of the additives.
The next product that I stumbled upon in Wal-Mart was MiO, liquid water enhancers. MiO is a new product introduced in the past year or so that allows you to enhance the flavor of your water with a flavored liquid. Just recently they came out with a new product called MiO FIT. Both types of products are compositionally altered with artificial sweeteners called sucralose. The FIT contained more sodium content and salt. MiO products took up most of the shelves in the water enhancer section. They were all eye level to the consumer. MiO is for any consumer who wants to enhance the taste of their water and the FIT version could be for someone who wanted the same product with more energy enhancements.
As I turned to the next isle I found my favorite juice, apple juice! I decided to compare Mott’s and Mott’s for Tots to see what they added to the toddler’s juice for their benefit. The ingredients were very similar and the nutrient contents were almost half as much in the Mott’s for Tots rather than the Mott’s 100% juice. There was 40% less sugar in the Tots than the original juice, and there was no potassium listed. No artificial sugars were added to either juice product and they were the same price. As an adult, if I wanted to monitor my nutrient intake I could choose the Mott’s for Tot’s as a healthier option. This apple juice is one of the most common brands of juice but the quantity of the product wasn’t as high as the quantity of Wal-Mart brand juices. Both juices were above eye level and didn’t really catch the eye of the consumer in an extravagant way.
After putting...

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