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Super Market Managing Report

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Management Principal
Importance of Management Functions in a business
Effective management and leadership involve creative problem solving, motivating employees and making sure the organization accomplishes objectives and goals. There are four functions of management and leadership: planning, organizing, leading and controlling. These functions separate the management process from other business functions such as marketing, accounting and finance.
The planning function of management controls all the planning that allows the organization to run smoothly. Planning involves defining a goal and determining the most effective course of action needed to reach that goal. Typically, ...view middle of the document...

The controlling function of management is useful for ensuring all other functions of the organization are in place and are operating successfully. Controlling involves establishing performance standards and monitoring the output of employees to ensure each employee’s performance meets those standards. The controlling process often leads to the identification of situations and problems that need to be addressed by creating new performance standards. The level of performance affects the success of all aspects of the organization.

Mota’s Supermarket efficiently uses these management functions for their business purpose. This is how they use the management function:
Mota’s supermarket is a partnership based business having four partners and all of them are brothers. When they planned to start their business their aim was to make it the most efficient and profitable supermarket in Clifton area. To take a start they borrowed some money from bank and rest was financed the partners saving. Before starting they planned to designate every partner with some responsibility in different departments. Mr. Mohammed Ali acts as the main body and controls purchase department, Mr. Mohammed Hanif controls the cash department, Mr. Ghulam Qadir controls the medical department and Mr. Kashif controls the cosmetics department.
Their planning stage also includes planning for monthly stock needed or a trendy change in taste would create a need for stock delivery. Every Tuesday Mr. Mohammed Ali inspects stock available or needed. All this came in their planning phase.
The owners of the business had decided that to run this business they would not only need workers but product managers who would guide customers through their products. For e.g. brands like Mitchells and Meezan have vast range of products and their companies have sent their own candidates to work in Mota’s for their product department. This way they are not liable to pay them as they...

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