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Summary Response Almy Alphabet Soup: My Life As A Reader

988 words - 4 pages

Garrett DeVillanueva
Mrs. Colombo
EnglishWR 51
28 September 2015
Crazy Albhapet
Have you ever wondered, what you would do if you couldn’t interpret the simple letters of the alphabet? Well, John Almy, the author of, “Alphabet Soup: My Life as a Reader”, withstood that exact problem. Imagine at a young age looking at b, d, p, and q. Now imagine not seeing a distinction between the four letters. That’s frustrating isn’t it? As Mr. Almy states, “One of the first things I learned in school was that I was stupid. Really Stupid.” (1). John was faced with an issue that did not make school pleasant for a young assertive boy and his family, which really was not in a good state of mind already. ...view middle of the document...

He states that, “a b was a b was a b”, and that “he didn’t care what direction you turned it or how many times you flipped it around, the damn thing was still a b.” (1). From then on, he just started to whisper the answers, ashamed to get it wrong. His thoughts on how he couldn’t fathom something so simple such as the alphabet, made John feel like he was branded a fool, and that stuck with him.
Reading was still a difficult subject for John. A few years later into his fifth grade, he ran into his librarian at his school named, Mrs. Williams. She realized this little boy could not read, which of course in her mind is known as a transgression. She made him read like there were no tomorrow, so much in fact he found his two most favorite books, The Wolf King and Wilderness Champion sequel to The Wolf King. John ended up keeping those books till this day because his involvement with Mrs. Wilson showed him reading was not as bad as he thought. His maturity grew as a reader from that point.
Remember what it was like to be a kid, and someone said, “Good job!” after you accomplished something great? Well, that person for John Almy had vanished. After Mrs. Wilson left to be a mom, it was like he fell of the wagon, and stopped reading almost as if his inspiration was torn from him. Comics were the only type of reading material that would keep his interest such as, Superman, Batman, Aquaman, and even Archie. When he stopped reading, it impacted his education so much he was kicked out of school at the age of sixteen. John found some jobs, but they didn’t last too long. He even joined the navy, but was not wanted because of not being a high school graduate. He still got...

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