Summary Report Of Motion

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Table of Contents
Part 1: Graph 3
Regions, Force Diagrams, Description
Correlation of Position, Velocity, and Acceleration Graphs
Instructions to Recreate Graph 3
Analysis of Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion
Part 2: Scenario C
Graph, Force Diagrams, Regions
Explanation of Graph

Summary Report on Motion
PHS 100 Lab 552

26 March 2013

Region 1: The fan cart is at a constant position. As you can see, the fan cart is set at a constant position of 2.0 meters away from the motion detector. Velocity and acceleration are zero as the cart is not moving. Region 2: A change in motion is occurring. As the cart begins to move, the position of the cart moves closer to the detector. Velocity and acceleration are at a negative slope because the ...view middle of the document...

Since the position is just less than 2 meters away from the detector, we know the fan cart is not directly in front of the motion detector. There is no acceleration.
Region 2- The fan cart begins to gradually accelerate towards the motion detector. While the position remains constant, the velocity is changed in direction, causing the slope of the velocity graph to become negative. As we can see on the graph, after 2 seconds the acceleration become negative as the velocity decreases. From previous lab experience, I know velocity will decrease if acceleration is decreasing.
Region 3- The fan cart is now moving toward the motion detector at a constant rate. We know this because the position of the fan cart has a starting position of 2.0 meters and ends with a position of .7 meters at the end of Region 3. The velocity graph shows a change in direction as the slope inclines from -.08 meters to zero velocity. This is because the change of speed and direction is moving from one point to another with the force of the fan on the cart. The acceleration is moving at a constant rate because the speed of the fan is set to move at a constant speed.
Region 4- The fan cart has now moved to a closer position to the motion detector and is at a constant position. The velocity is constant as it is not moving without any acceleration for the remainder of the period.
Recreating Graph 3:
The fan cart should be on a flat surface. The fan cart is turned on throughout the whole experiment. Starting 2 meters away from the motion detector, hold the fan cart facing the detector with your hand in place for about 2 seconds. As you release the fan cart, it should go in the direction towards the motion detector. At about .7 meters away from the detector, physically stop it with your hand to allow the cart to stay in position for the remaining time.
Newton’s Laws of Motion Applied to Graph 3:

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