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ISAIAH 62:4-5 (Summary)
In reading this Scripture passage within five translations, I was amazed at the amount of differences found in just two small verses. At first, the most obvious difference was the formatting of the passage. I rearranged them to all fit on one page, but originally, they were structured differently. For example, the King James Version was structured with verse four as a complete thought. Then, after hitting “enter,” the fifth verse was ...view middle of the document...

Essentially, the first half of a sentence would create one line, while the completion of the sentence would be on the next line. After noticing the structural differences, I noticed a slight difference between the Message and the other translations. Because the Message is similar/close to a paraphrase, verses four and five were combined with verses one through three. There was an obvious indent where each verse might have began, but overall, the first five verses were paraphrased/translated together. Finally, I analyzed the text and found a few similarities and differences with the language being used. For the most part, every translation used similar words such as “Forsaken” and “Desolate,” and phrases such as “the bridegroom rejoices.” However, I was shocked to see that not every translation used the Hebrew words. The King James Version, New International Version, and the Message used Hephzibah, meaning delight, and Beulah, meaning married, but the English Standard Version and the New Living Translation used other descriptive words. Overall, the translations had minor differences in structure and formal versus informal language; but for the most part, the words and phrases were similar and easily connected.

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