Summary Of Can Personality Be Changed?

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This article discusses about the role of beliefs in personality and change. In general people with malleable beliefs do better in all aspects compared to fixed believers. The author says that the malleable belief theory CAN be taught.
She showed two examples (Identical twins cases of James Springer-James Lewis and Barbara Herbert-Daphne Goodship) of how certain things happen that makes people think that personality is planted in our genes and is not able to be changed. Beliefs are ...view middle of the document...

These students did well compared to other students in their semester activities. In the other example, when students were praised for their intelligence, they moved towards a fixed belief theory. This praise made them challenge-avoidant and vulnerable, such that when they hit obstacles their confidence, enjoyment, and performance decline. When students were praised for their effort or strategies (their process), they instead took on a more malleable theory. They were eager to learn and highly flexible in the face of difficulty.
Expectations of positive or negative responses were explained in the infants case where the baby was supposed to follow their mother up the stairs and is not able to keep up, and in one case the mother turns and the other case, the mother keeps going up. The infant was ‘surprised’ when the mother came back and looked longer when she just kept going up the stairs. This is same for the adults. People who anxiously expect negative relationships mess up everything. The good thing is that this belief is malleable. Changing to expectation of acceptance will improve the relationships of people, put them more engaged and make the people do well over time.

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